SCA2gallery – a new era

Saltburn Arts & Community Association provides the opportunity for a range of exhibitions and is currently focussing some of its attention on improving and revitalising this aspect of its work. An important part of this is the development of the exhibition space in the bar and its linking corridors. The Association has appointed a Director of Visual Arts, Trev Wardle, to oversee and manage the area that will serve as a venue for a changing two monthly programme of temporary exhibitions. By keeping to an A2 sized frame it is intended to give a special identity to the variety of exhibitions and to present work that is appropriate for the small intimate gallery space. For this reason, and to create a specific character, the space will be referred to as the SCA2gallery. The programme of exhibitions will be a mixture of group and solo shows concentrating on both art and craft activities. These will not necessarily be about the local area but will occasionally include some regional content or element of significance to the town and its surroundings. In order to further involve the local community it is intended to devote the last week of each exhibition to include a response from visitors to the gallery. This response will be aimed at differing sections of the local audience and will give an opportunity for them to submit work to be seen alongside the works on show during the final weeks of each exhibition. In addition to selecting work the Visual Arts Director is seeking to re-establish links with local schools and colleges to give them the opportunity to be involved with the gallery. This could take a variety of forms including helping to organise the space, gaining work experience, contributing to the Reach Out programme and generally promoting SC&AA’s involvement in the Arts throughout the community. It is also hoped to forge links with other local museums and galleries with the intention of working mutually to raise the profile of the Arts in the region and to share common concerns and aspirations.

They Bunged us in Khaki


After the successful concert of songs of Graeme Miles at the theatre in June SCA2gallery’s exhibition

of his drawings from National Service continues for the month of July after which it will change to

become his drawings of the favelas in Rio to coincide with the Olympic Games. The 24 drawings on

show at present are small pencil or ink sketches showing soldiers sleeping, smoking cleaning their

rifles, passing time..

The drawings are something of a rarity in that they are depictions of the commonplace aspects of

army life rather than its pomp and circumstance. Certainly there is no similar documentation in the

collections of the Imperial War Museum. It is also the first time that Graeme’s drawings have been

on public show, they are normally treasured private gifts from the artist.

He trained at the West Hartlepool School of Art from 1951 until 1955 when he left to join the

Queen’s Own Royal West Kent regiment. On his return a lot of his contemporaries had left to study

at major London Art schools but he worked as a commercial artist but more importantly took typical

Teesside labouring work so that he could write his songs with knowledge.

A small catalogue of the exhibition is available from the Box Office, priced £2.00

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