Moving North:Coastal comes to Saltburn

Sunday 1st October


A rare opportunity to experience a remarkable mix of archive footage all about the places – and people – we know so well, as the North East Film Archive takes you on a journey through time revealing the rich film heritage of our North East coastline, with Saltburn and Redcar centre stage.

Using amateur and home movies, travelogues and regional TV productions, our curators have been working in partnership with the BFI’s Britain on Film project to preserve and digitise more of our North East film heritage collections to bring audiences a new programme of screenings and events, Moving North: Coastal, in which we’ll reveal the stories of our coastal communities.

From the iconic structures of the Saltburn Pier and Halfpenny Bridge to the end of an era at the last shift at the North Skelton iron ore mine in Cleveland. Motorbike and motorcars put through their paces on the sand at Redcar alongside family frolics of the classic seaside holiday, local industries and local characters, you’re bound to recognise familiar faces and places, and who knows, perhaps you might even spot family or friends fleetingly captured on film, and now revealed once more as Moving North: Coastal comes to Saltburn. 

Doors 1.30pm Screening 2pm

All tickets £5