Darren Page – the voice of Roy Orbison

Darren Page – the voice of Roy Orbison

Darren Page started his career by co-starring in some of the most popular tribute shows in the country. However, with his assured stage presence and a vocal range that will fit into almost any song, he has all the qualities of a leading man in his own right. 

His musical abilities and consistent performances have brought him a reputation for always delivering quality entertainment, regardless of the genre of show he was performing in. But Darren’s first love is and always will be the music of Roy Orbison, and it is Orbison’s songs in which Darren’s voice sits most comfortably.

Now starring in his own show, ‘Darren Page – The Voice of Roy Orbison’, he will entertain you with all of Orbison’s biggest hits. With a setlist that includes ‘I Drove all Night’, ‘Running Scared’, ‘In Dreams’ and many, many more, the memories are endless as Darren covers everything from Orbison’s early years with Sun Records to his stint with supergroup the Traveling Wilburys

Saturday 24th November

Doors and bar 6.45pm Starts 7.30pm